Pure Wellness & Rejuvenation provides a safe, reliable option for those looking to get serious about shedding pounds. Our programs include one on one consultations with the nurse practitioner. We can determine your goals and develop an individualized plan to reach them. Medically Assisted Weight Loss Program ensure results through not only diet and exercise. We utilize MIC injections, vitamins and supplements, meal plans, and an option for a personal trainer.

Through our program you can expect to:

  • Increase your energy while you get rid of unwanted pounds *
  • Easily control your appetite and cravings *
  • Experience rapid weight loss safely and effectively *
  • Reach your ideal weight goal quickly and with ease *
  • Avoid yo-yo dieting effect and enjoy long term weight loss *

Benefits of a Medically Assisted Weight Loss Program

Lose weight* quickly and easily with Pure Wellness & Rejuvenation’s medical weight loss program. Our personalized diet plan and expert medical staff help you maintain your healthy weight loss goal.

Pure Wellness & Rejuvenation’s supervised rapid weight loss program may relieve many symptoms associated with obesity.

  • Chronic back pain *
  • Type 2 diabetes *
  • High blood pressure *
  • High cholesterol *
  • Coronary artery disease *
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*Disclaimer: Results are typical, but not guaranteed. Your actual results may vary.